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  7. Sea Otters and Butterflies! Email danpaintsgood@yahoo.com for your own spirit animal portrait

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  11. An illustration I did for a new comic, Future Taco. See the entire comic at futureta.co


  12. heart.
    The downstairs neighbor keeps his presence known through persistent beating and pumping and filling and draining of blood
    and sugar and water but it is tolerable because you can just turn up the air conditioning to mask the sound
    until one evening he beats to the rhythm of a bad Slayer cover band giving you a hand when you least need it as you think about entertaining more natural more organic more rooted treats from trees and bushes and soil to grow as gifts
    to leave at the doorstep as a kind way of asking for some peace and quiet. - Matthew Manos

    Music - Dan Everett


  13. optimism.
    Liquid pours under the wire with just three ticks left as chili spreads atop the chest of a boy no more than 40 only when he wears white only when we wear white only wondering if it is an accident or if the white is just another canvas another space another opportunity another place another creative mustard sandwich embracing salami and my BBQ chips fall in my beer under the wire of the tick tock as we look on the flip side of the flop of chili on your white shirt. - Matthew Manos

    Music - Dan Everett

  14. darksilenceinsuburbia:

    Persian Zodiac

    These images come form an egyptian manuscript from the 14th/15th centuries. It reproduces a persian astrological treatise from ~9th century - ‘Kitâb al-Mawalid' - by Abû Ma'shar, said to have been the most influential document in the development of western astrology. [I believe it is otherwise known as 'The Book of Nativities' or 'The Book of Revolution of the Birth Years'.]

    Although produced in Cairo, the manuscript illustrations were almost certainly by a persian artist. 

    (via bobbyenglishjr)


  15. ownership.
    Who spilled my beer? Who spilled that beer? Who spilled his beer?
    “he did”
    the race is on through a circular city of lumps and bumps and loops and drops that pop with hot dog flavored diet soda spilt on your shirt as the wood is thrown towards your face but you duck as he drops and he falls and he sleeps as you slap the accuser because he spilled that beer - Matthew Manos

    Music - Dan Everett