1. Werk yer jerb!!!


  2. Half recorded on a 30 hour train to Portland

  3. Future Taco

    Issue 1

    more poems at futureta.co

  4. design-is-fine:

    Egyptian interior design: Thrones, chairs, day beds, beds, tables, cabinets and miscellaneous furniture. From I monumenti dell’Egitto by Ippolito Rosellini, 1832-44. Via NYPL

    (via papermountainwoman)

  5. Part of the And Then Artshow slated for August 31st at the artist Tim Hussein Ottmans studio space. Daniel Rayray Everett Ashlona Hinojosa and Maritza Torres 

  6. Some sweet footage from the show! This is a cover of Stephen Booth's Forever Galactic Dracula. Thank you all you sweet darlings for coming out!!!


  8. aubreylstallard:

    Marie Antoinette, the Marquis de Lafayette & a Phallus

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  9. Utagawa Kunisada (歌川 国貞, 1786-1865, also known as  Utagawa Toyokuni III 三代歌川豊国 )

    "Beanman and Beanwoman climb genital mountains"

    Shunga from: 'New Tales from the Hot Springs', by Jujitei Sanku and Utagawa Kunisada, 1827

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  13. Cover of Tia Blake


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