1. Mary Wells cover of Laughing Boy


  3. Donuts en plein air

  4. Lucky Donut Show!

    If you are in LA, come look at donut art in a donut shop while eating a doughnut?


  5. Welsh Cakes


  6. Donuts are not not good


  7. Oldie but goodie


  8. Nostalgia smells fine


  9. Sing Sang Song Sung


  10. Lower Dens cover


  11. William Elliott Whitmore cover

  12. Sketches for an upcoming show


  13. Werk yer jerb!!!

  14. Future Taco

    Issue 1

    more poems at futureta.co

  15. design-is-fine:

    Egyptian interior design: Thrones, chairs, day beds, beds, tables, cabinets and miscellaneous furniture. From I monumenti dell’Egitto by Ippolito Rosellini, 1832-44. Via NYPL

    (via papermountainwoman)